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Young gay and bisexual African-American men bear the terrible brunt of the HIV epidemic today.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that this group has more than twice the rate of new HIV infections as white or Latino men in the same age range.

Traces of Freud, Gurdjieff, Nietzsche & Lawrence in his teachings made him more appealing.

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Matt owns a successful flower shop in downtown Los Santos, lives with his best friend and longtime crush Jeremy, and has a generally pretty good life.Namely, that his roommates no longer believe he’s bi — and that he’s full on gay.(That didn’t keep him from making out with two of the lady castmates, but whatevs.) And how he broke up with his boyfriend Tanner back home in Colorado, but still misses him, and is getting it on with major hottie Eric, but doesn’t want it to be too serious.When he meets one of Jeremy's "co-workers" early one morning, his life becomes a whirlwind that he never expected.Ok so lets call a smut a smut, and say this started as just an excuse for some Jermwood and now it might become a thing... What if instead of coming to Los santos and finding a crew, Jeremy had instead found a different line of work?

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