Dakota johnson dating

From the Instagram photos the half-brother of Danny and Chris Masterson posted, it looks like he shares a humdrum love affair with Johnson that they both seem to have taken to quite nicely."Congrats 2 your girl on her HUGE role as Anastasia!He revealed a friend of his came up to him asking if he dated Kate Moss.The hunk then explained, “If you Googled me now, it would probably say I dated her.” He added, “About 80 percent of the people I’m said to have dated, I haven’t.” With this situation, Dornan may have finally gotten used to being romantically linked to other women, including his recent co-star Dakota Johnson." a friend wrote after Masterson posted a pic of them.

It is undeniable that the pair’s names are already synonymous with Dornan and Johnson’s remarkable depiction of their characters has its ups and downs.

She is the daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

She had her screen debut alongside her mother in the comedy-drama Crazy in Alabama (1999) and was named Miss Golden Globe in 2006.

Nonetheless, the actor finally reacted to the dating rumors thrown to him over the past few years.

Despite his marriage to Amelia Warner, many believe that he and his co-star are pushing past the boundaries of their work relationship.

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