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He has been dyeing professionally for over 34 years. *Designs Include: Alexander's Bean Pot, Stars to Freedom, Edward's Quest, Papa's Birds, Michael's Victory, Hooker's Hat Patch, Lincoln's Logs, Brass Buttons, Miss Mary's Pinwheels, Mo's Suspenders, Mary Smith's Dishrag, Tomorrow Scarlet, Grandpap's Cards, Minnie's Moustache, Martin's Pennies. (You will leave our web site.) All proceeds benefit the Saco Museum. Also contains: A reproduction Scottish sampler and four new traditional samplers with complete graphs & instructions for each: I. Detailed descriptions along with close-up photographs of every type of lace you can imagine. Previously published as a Shire Album, this new edition has been updated and illustrated throughout with new color and black and white photographs. Diane has researched & compiled a wealth of information in this book. Tambour embroidery is done using a chain stitch technique. Includes basic techniques for thread, bead & net embroidery. 62 pages If you ever wondered what the symbolic meanings of the motifs meant then this book will answer those questions. Sewing Tools & Trinkets- Volume 2 Collector's Identification & Value Guide by Helen Lester Thompson 2002. It was popular for ladies to make beautiful lace for themselves and their family.Also they were taught how to make pillows in tatting.For information on valuing your jewelry, click HERE.

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We are not responsible for the use you make of the information here or the honest mistakes that may occur from time to time. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill.

It has everything you could hope for in an instructional dye book! Advice, hints, materials, & origins of sewing tools. Copies of this book may still be available for purchase directly from the museum. A description of the basic technique and elements of construction will assist the reader to recognize and identify tatting. Kurella The catalog was prepared in conjunction with the exhibit of the same name, being held at the Museum of York County, Rock Hill, South Carolina, from March 8th to July 20th (2003). This book shows the charm of the humble thimble in all its variety, from simple workaday types to rarer and more exquisite examples that gave scope for artists and craftsmen, and indeed still do. Contents include: Introduction; Needlework and related activities; Thimbles and Thimble Cases; Needlecases; Pincushions and emery cushions; Tape measures; Thread Holders, winders, waxers, and reel stands; Scissors; Miscellaneous accessories; Further reading; Places to visit. Diane has one of the largest and most varied thread winder collections in the world. Contents include: Sewing Stands, Kits, & Baskets; Darners & Clamps; Needles & Pins, Holders & Cushions; Thimbles & Holders; Thread: Holders, Winders, Spools & Stands; Assorted Tools & Toys; Scissors, Knives & Cutters, Tape Measures, Rulers & Gauges; Mauchline, Tartan & Tunbridge Ware; Chatelaines & Accessories; Sewing Tools: Representative Items of Collections...& more!

Max Hamrick is the weaving specialist and dyer for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Click on the book cover above to go directly to the Saco Museum website to purchase this book. Pam Palmer 1996/2000Identification guide and ultimate reference book. Visit the website for more information about the exhibit & related activities: 11 1/4" x 8 1/2"; 182 pages. Includes: Thimble Collecting, Thimbles of Gold; Thimbles of Silver; Thimbles of Brass; Thimbles of Ivory; Thimbles of Pewter; Thimbles of China; Advertising Thimbles; Collectibles and Novelties; Thimble Cases & Holders; Mending Kits; Sewing Accessories; Hallmarks; Value Guide. It shows possibilities that exist for the collector, including the parallel subject of thimble holders. Color photographs of over 350 thread winders made of an astounding number of different materials. No repeats from Volume 1..Historical information, material dates or origin & many rare historical pieces./Volume 1- Collector's Identification & Value Guide by Helen Lester Thompson (c) 1997.

I was a young school teacher in Gillespie , Illinois and was taught to tat by another school teacher.

My husband and I moved to Springfield , Illinois and visited New Salem.

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