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Dating apps have become the modern singles scene—the place to meet, mingle and swipe for love—but there’s a new app in town that has the strictest velvet rope policy we’ve ever seen.

Move over Tinder, the most exclusive dating app is The League.

In 1999, Julie, my wife was pregnant with our first child.

She had just used the internet to track down her long lost Grandfather that she had never seen.

"People from our past often have a unique and appealing perspective on us — and we on them. But that all changed after she and Jeff talked until they closed down a New Jersey restaurant near their homes.

That can make for a very good match." Meet four couples whose liaisons picked up decades after they left off. Debby realized that in addition to their camp and college connections, she and Jeff shared "a special bond that comes from the same place." Literally, that's Queens.

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What might have been if that onetime relationship hadn't ended, or what might transpire if you reconnected once again?

Maybe you've already reconnected with a college boyfriend on Facebook, or Googled that girl from high school on whom you had a maddening crush. But for some, reconnecting with a former flame can be a familiar and comfortable way to find lasting love.

And such matches are becoming increasingly common, thanks to the explosion of social media.

Realising the power of the internet, and a desire to find out what some of her old school friends were up to — whether they too had families — she came up with the idea of Friends Reunited.

Myself and my business partner, Jason, both of us being developers at the time, were looking for ideas to branch out on our own. It took well into 2000 for me to do anything about Julie’s idea — we were busy consulting, Amber was born, and we had a long list of spurious ideas to get on with — dating, party bags and fantasy football being some of them.

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