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Ash: Do you have trouble finding that perfect someone?

(Bulbasaur and Venusaur laugh) Mewtwo: AS A PSYCHIC POKEMON, I HAVE NO NEED FOR THE INTERNET!

If you meet a love interest over the internet by chance rather than through a dating agency, the results will be similar, esspecially if the producers want to drop the New Media Are Evil anvil.

This trope was particularly prevalent in The '90s when the Internet first started creeping into everyday life, but few people online had pictures of themselves because digital cameras were an expensive luxury item and not yet standard feature on cell phones, and not everyone had access to a scanner for paper photos.

Net confirmed Wednesday that the Saturday night sketch series, which had barely escaped cancellation in recent years, will end its run at the end of this season.

News comes soon after Fox announced plans to end the run of another long-running comedy franchise, “King of the Hill.” But just as “King” may land a new home at ABC, the producers behind “Mad TV” are mulling ways to keep their show alive.

“We’ve had a number of networks inquire as to whether the show was coming off Fox and saying that they’d be interested.

Bunifa: It's African, it means the first and the fifteenth.

She said this same exact thing in 421 Open: Bunifa I was gonna bring this up earlier, but now that someone else has, I guess I'll say that... " - Dot Goddard -"Sit your ass on down for a big ol' slice of truth, and a side of wisdom" - Tovah Mc Queen -"Look what I can do!

Fox told Salzman the decision to ax the show was an economic one.

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