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"Nick has been texting [Selena Gomez] lots of sweet poems and memes to make her laugh," an insider told Life & Style magazine.Moreover, Selena Gomez has also been "hitting [Nick] up a lot." Still, Jonas is not totally sure whether he would like a relationship, as Selena Gomez needs to show that she is serious about it.When I asked Nick if he was scared of getting on the wrong side of the Genesis star, he replied: “I wouldn’t want to do that. It was great.” Lily isn’t the only lady to attract Nick’s attention since he split from Miss Universe girlfriend Olivia Culpo last year.The star hit the headlines after being spotted on a series of dates with Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson in September.None of these rumors tend to really lead to anything.

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Nick posted a picture of the two on his Instagram account.

The alleged couple were also seen having romantic dinners, often being said to be one of the last couples to leave the restaurants they attended.

Throughout their rumored on-again off-again relationship, both maintained that they were single, and just had a “beautiful connection.” In an interview, Nick Jonas revealed that he and Lily Collins have been friends for a long time and went on a couple of dates back in 2016.

She called their link "very sweet." However, there is no word about getting back at present.

Some sources say that The singer, Selena, is not interested in making up or dating for a while.

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