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By Janna Brancolini On a hill in the heel of the boot of the Italian peninsula, a fortified city overlooks the channel where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea.

Inside the walls is a church made of a white stone with a decorative rose window façade.

The skulls and other bones — which are set behind three large panels of glass — are the remains of 800 people killed during the Ottoman Invasion of Otranto during the 15th century.

In 1480 the Ottoman Turks crossed the channel and breached the walls of the fortified city of Otranto, which was part of the Kingdom of Naples at the time.

The pair are no slouches; Lisa, 29 studied international relations at the LSE before working at the London-based luxury lifestyle concierge service Quintessentially; Carrie, 27, is ex-beauty editor at Glamour magazine.

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Like many European churches it features a main altar and a side chapel.

But in the side chapel visitors encounter something unexpected — walls of human skulls.

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