Raffi sarrafian dating

" data-height="58" data-fixed_height="true" data-_block="Why does the Government punish us for falling in love?

Married couples receive 2 less per month as a couple on social solidarity than single people.

Pourquoi le gouvernement nous punit d'être en amour?

Les couples reçoivent 482 dollars de moins sur la solidarité sociale que deux personnes célibataires.

Instrumental in recording and saving vast swathes of Armenian culture that may have otherwise been lost.

Over the past 20 years, Kasbarian has been a lecturer, activist, and community leader; he has worked regularly as a journalist, activist, and researcher in Artsakh.Shaped an ideology that continues to influence Armenian thinkers, politicians and leaders to this day.As catholicos he gave authority and energy to the idea that Armenians should be free, playing no small part in their eventual liberation.After a difficult start to this journey and with no funds allocated, it required imagination, coordination, and fortitude to see the bigger picture.The Armenian Pavilion would not have been repeated for a second year were it not for the generosity of Raffi Tanielian and his sister Nyree who funded a very large portion of the project, allowing the Pavilion Committee the ability to concentrate on the core work needed to create the Pavilion.

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