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Anne is a small town about an hour south of Chicago.

An ultrasonic flow meter (non-intrusive Doppler flow meters) is a volumetric flow meter which requires particulates or bubbles in the flow.

Contracts may require the submission of progress or status reports to assist the COR in gauging progress.

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Ultrasonic flow meters are also ideal for applications where low pressure drop, chemical compatibility, and low maintenance are required.

Ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for wastewater applications or any dirty liquid which is conductive or water based.

Ultrasonic flow meters will generally not work with distilled water or drinking water.

(November 2013) ACCELERATION Conduct by the owner or its agent (either in a directed or constructive manner) in which a contractor is required to complete performance of a contracted scope of work earlier than scheduled.

A directed acceleration occurs when the owner formally directs such acceleration completion.

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