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grew to include R&B singer Ashanti: Ja Rule’s album saw the introduction of the songstress on “Always on Time,” and the rest was history. In 1999, the label saw the quick rise of Queens-born rapper Ja Rule, who debuted with “Holla Holla.” Two years later, Murder Inc.

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Ashanti: I would definitely say a nice restaurant, it’s not too loud so you can actually hear yourselves talk, the lighting, white table clothes and you can connect and it’s not so serious that you feel like you have to be engaged but you kind of get to know the person you talk, you laugh,you’re eating, you are having a good time, it’s relaxed and it’s not too stuffy. It was beautiful because there was a lot of thought put into it. The food was amazing, the lighting was gorgeous, the tables, the waiters were really cool.who recognized her exceptional singing and writing talents and set the stage for her introduction to the music world.This encounter got Ashanti her first musical performance as a guest vocal on the track "How We Roll" by Big Pun.” Her 2002 self-titled debut album (with songs like “Foolish”) earned a Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B album.While giving advice on the perfect first date during her appearing on “The Meredith Vieira Show” earlier today, Ashanti spoke on a special date she recently had a few months back without revealing who the lucky guy was.

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