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One of the many reasons we partnered with Robert Dilts is that he has been a leading expert at transformation and accelerated growth for 40 years, and literally wrote The Encyclopedia of NLP.

Neuro-linguistic Programming has been used by top corporations, therapists, and individuals for over 40 years successfully.

Another definition of NLP is that NLP is a technology for success.

NLP utilizes your conscious and unconscious mind to increase self-esteem, clarity and vision, while also identifying and transforming limiting beliefs values and meanings into empowering beliefs values and meanings.

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5, 2013 — Microsoft Corp., in collaboration with the government of Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communications and Indigo Telecom Ltd., today announced the launch of a pilot project delivering low-cost wireless broadband access to previously unserved locations near Nanyuki and Kalema, Kenya.

They argued that an affidavit by a corporation can only be sworn by an officer under the authority of the corporation.

What would it be like to access 100% of your strengths and your full potential, exactly when you need them the most?

The Pearman affidavit averred that the deponent was an employee of Microsoft charged with the responsibility to oversee software anti-piracy enforcement.

The deponent did not, however, state under what authority she was swearing the affidavit.

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